Thread: copying SHELLEXECUTEINFO structure

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    copying SHELLEXECUTEINFO structure

    I know this may be off-topic, but I'm trying to get some C++/C fundamentals straight here. I'm trying to copy a into b. Below shows the line of thinking that I have so far:

    // some manipulation on a
    SHELLEXECUTEINFO b = a;            // I'm trying to perform the copying operation
    Would there be anything seriously wrong with doing this?

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    No, that's fine.
    However, SHELLEXECUTEINFO does contain some pointers. If you then choose to use the resultant copy, you just have to ensure the pointers are still valid while the copy is in use.

    Note that if you copy that way, any operations on the pointed-to data of a will affect b, and vice-versa. Normal pointer rules.
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    Thanks for confirming on this. However, I have managed to structure my routines in a way that I don't need to copy the structures, hence don't need to deal with ensuring that the pointers are pointing to appropriate contents.

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