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    question about printing

    Hey I was wondering if it was possible to send the contents of say an array to a printer. I've searched but it seems like all I've found is printing the page one pixel at a time, through coordinates, stuff like that. I was wondering if there is an easier way to do this, like send the data (just a text file) all at once to a printer.

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    Well questions such as
    - Your OS
    - Your compiler
    - Your application type (console, GUI)
    - Your printer
    - Where it's plugged in
    spring to mind.

    A windows GUI using the standard windows print API solves a lot of the lower level issues.
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    ok the OS would be Linux Ubuntu specifically
    the compiler g++
    the application type console is fine
    the printer it'd actually be a couple are networked.
    I guess I was thinking the printers could be treated like files, cause its linux, I'm guessing I was wrong

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