Thread: general b-tree idea

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    general b-tree idea

    I have a question regarding the b-tree.
    For a binary tree, i usually declare a node like:
    struct node
    	char value;
    	node *left;
    	node *right;
    	node *parent;
    For a b-tree with a four key reference, it might look like:
                          [1][D][2][T][3][ ][4][ ]
                          /          \
                         /            \
                        /              \ 
    [1][A][2][C][3][D][4][ ]    [1][S][2][T][3][ ][4][ ]
    So, would i declare a node like:
    struct node
    	char value1;
    	char value2;
    	char value3;
    	char value4;
    	node *one
    	node *two;
    	node *three;
    	node *four;
            node *parent;
    So, it's like a binary tree, except with more values and pointers. Is this the proper way to do this?

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    That looks like the basic idea, although perhaps one, two, three, and four aren't the world's best names. (You could maybe make it an array, node *children[4] or something.)

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    You'd have two arrays.
    struct node
      node *links[CARDINALITY];
      boost::optional<VALUE> values[CARDINALITY - 1];
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