Thread: Are these cost char [] static??

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    Are these cost char [] static??

    I found this in our code base today, I wonder is this entirely safe or are we depending on the bahavior of the compiler here that these strings are static, and thus around after the function returns?

    const char* ProcessModule::DetermineLogFilePrefix()
      if (this->Options)
        switch (this->Options->GetProcessType())
        case Options::CLIENT:
          return NULL; // don't need a log for client.
        case Options::SERVER:
          return "ServerNodeLog";
        case Options::RENDER_SERVER:
          return "RenderServerNodeLog";
        case Options::DATA_SERVER:
          return "DataServerNodeLog";
      return "NodeLog";

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    Yes, that's safe. Literal strings aren't deleted when they go out of scope. I believe they're stored in a different part of memory than regular variables (not the stack or heap).

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