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    String issue

    Hi I am having a problem with inserting a decimal point into a string.

    Okay here it goes,

    I am writing to an LCD display and I am having trouble converting a number to be displayed. For example, I have an integer that ranges from 1 to 9999 I need to display this integer in string format with a decimal point before the last character so 1 would be ' '' '' ''.''1' and 9999 would be '9''9''9''.''9' . Currently I have code that takes the number to string format directly but how do I add the decimal point and spaces to the left of the string to make sure it is printed correctly?


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    If you have four characters, and you want to turn it into five, you could do something like this:
    [1] -> [1]
    [2] -> [2]
    [3] -> [3]
    "." -> [4]
    [4] -> [5]
    But maybe I'm not understanding the question.

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    If you already have the number in a std::string, then try something like this:

    void addDec(std::string &s)
        s.insert(s.length()-1, 1, '.');
    If you're using a char * instead of std::string, the code would be somewhat similar.

    Edit: Fixed idiocy in code.
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