Thread: Getting around a compiler error

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    Getting around a compiler error

    I really need to print what the address of a certain member function is, but the compiler is complaining, saying
    "error: ISO C++ forbids taking the address of a bound member function to form a pointer to member function. "
    It suggests saying &ClassName::MemberName, but the problem is that this function is pure virtual, so that would probably just print 00000000 or perhaps the address of some runtime-error generating function.
    How can I get around this error to allow me to get what this function is currently set to in the vtable?

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    The problem is in your imagination. Do what the compiler suggested.
    	if (a) do { f( b); } while(1);
    	else   do { f(!b); } while(1);

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    Logfile now says: Called function: 00000065 (that's what it claims, but the call works fine, and calls a function somewhere near 0x7000000 i think)
    The library with the function is based somewhere around 0x70000000, so 00000065 is clearly just something that generates an exception.

    I only have the interface, not the source for the actual implementation.
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    Function pointers are interesting beasts. Suffice to say, when you take the "address" of a virtual function, what you really get is something compiler-specific that, when called with an object supplied, resolves the virtual call. Like an offset into the vtable. (Though unless your interface truly has over a hundred virtual functions, the 0x65 you get out is not a word offset - and since it's not aligned, it's probably not a byte offset either.)

    If you want the actual address ... there's no portable way to achieve this. There may not even be a non-portable for some systems.
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