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    You know, that's what std::size_t and std::ptrdiff_t are for. They're in <cstddef>.

    On some systems, you can also find intptr_t and uintptr_t. They'd be in the C99 header <stdint.h>. Boost also provides them, I think, as boost::intptr_t and boost::uintptr_t in <boost/stdint.hpp>.
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    And, you can't get typedefs that depend on architecture with the preprocessor. Instead use this;
    template<int bit_size> struct Helper
    template<> struct Helper<16>
        typedef   int16_t   intw;
        typedef  uint16_t  uintw;
    template<> struct Helper<32>
        typedef   int32_t   intw;
        typedef  uint32_t  uintw;
    template<> struct Helper<64>
        typedef   int64_t   intw;
        typedef  uint64_t  uintw;
    typedef Helper<sizeof(void *)*CHAR_BIT>::intw intw;
    typedef Helper<sizeof(void *)*CHAR_BIT>::uintw uintw;
    This, of course, relies on the types intXX_t and uintXX_t types being declared on your target system - which is not guaranteed either, IIRC.

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