Thread: adding strings?

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    adding strings?

    is there a way of adding a phrase to a string together to make one?
    i already know you can add two strings togethor.

    sort of like this

    cout<<"Path: "; cin>>filename;
                  string dir = "dir " + filename;
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    If inserting strings or characters to the front or back is not sufficient, you can always use one of the insert member functions, like this version which uses iterators:
    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    int main ()
        std::string part[] = {"mystuff", "/path/to/"};
        part[0].insert(part[0].begin() + 2, part[1].begin(), part[1].end());
    Choose a function which you can understand and will do the job you need to do.

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    Are you having a problem? If filename is a string then the posted code should compile fine.

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