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    What makes you think I just start in C++? I don't have years and years of broad experience, but won't consider myself as a beginner either..
    It's only that the boost library is new to me. In terms of generic programmings I think it is a powerful toolbox, which I want to explore.
    Thanks for your reply, but it's a little pejorative...

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    It's also the wrong approach. There are some situations where Boost cannot be used - typically legal issues or project conventions or something like that. But that's no reason not to use Boost for everything else.

    As with every technique, library or tool, you shouldn't use Boost for the sake of using Boost, but that one should be obvious anyway. And no, learning Boost doesn't free you from learning the C++ language thoroughly - quite the opposite, actually. It does free you from having to learn the finer details of some things, like the best implementation for whatever algorithm you're using. But then, that's what libraries are for.
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