Thread: 'Type' Error on Build of Officially Released Source Code

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    'Type' Error on Build of Officially Released Source Code

    I'm trying to make a few minute adjustments to the source code of a computer game. The source code was legally released, as was the game, and I have seen others make the same kinds of modifications to it as I am trying to. However, I am getting an error when I try to build the .sln file which VS Express created out of the provided .dsw.

    error C2059: syntax error : 'type'

    That's my error. Upon loading the .sln file, I also got:

    The source control provider associated with this solution could not be found. The projects will be treated as not under source control.
    Do you want to permanently remove the source control bindings from the projects?

    I have not encountered a .dsw workspace file yet since I am still just a beginner, and I don't know what one is and what significance it may have. Is it bad that VSE first created a .sln out of the .dsw?

    P.S. The strange thing about this problem is that the particular build error I listed above referred to a line on which there was only a '}'. By the way, I looked around and the source files were .c format, not .cpp. Does this have anything to do with it?

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    Post the source code in question. My crystal ball is in the shop.

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    There's a lot of code to manage and no option for directly uploading a .zip file, so attached is the .c and .h of "q_shared", which is the file in question at the moment. By the way, the program found the error on line 748.
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    Maybe you have a conflict between your headers and the precompiled headers (if they exist). Go through the entire source tree and delete all files which end with .pch, .pdb, and .idb. See if that helps.
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    Medievalelks, I really have no idea what you're saying since I'm new, so I hope that was a rhetorical question. EDIT: Huh? Your post disappeared...

    There are no files with such extensions, brewbuck. Here's a list of the file extensions used in the VSE-created .sln:

    .q3asm (this is a game based on Quake 3 engine)

    However, I am seeing 3 .c files, 2 .def files, and all .bat and .q3asm files having symbols beside them that share a likeness with a "do not enter" roadsign (the red circle with a horizontal white line). Does this mean something?
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    The source control message is just telling you that no source control software has been integrated or selected to be used by MSVS. The project was created with some type of integrated source control. You can delete the bindings if you wish.

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