Thread: Correct way to call boost::bind?

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    Correct way to call boost::bind?

    I'm trying to call boost::bind to create a function pointer to pass along to another function of mine.
    However, when I make an attempt to do so, it fails miserably.
    Here's how I'm doing it(this is the line causing the errors, if I comment it out, it compiles perfectly)
    merc.connect_bcastCurId(boost::bind(&MusicInfo::update_currentSongTitle, this, boost::cref(merc), _1));
    I'm trying to pass along the update_currentSongTitle function in my MusicInfo class, and also pass along a constant pointer to another object of mine, as the first argument in the update_currentSongTitle function.
    Here's my prototype:
    bool update_currentSongTitle(Merc const& merc, unsigned int const& id);
    And here's my prototype for the function that takes the function pointer:
    void connect_bcastCurId(boost::function<bool(Merc const&, unsigned int const&)> fp);
    Here are my errors(I pastebin'ed them because they messed up the formatting if I pasted them into code tags):

    Any help is appreciated, if you need more information, just ask and I'll provide it.
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    You already supply an argument for merc, so the resulting bind object has the signature bool (unsigned int const&) (Side note: Why pass an int by const reference? By value is better for primitives.), which of course cannot bind to a function object with the signature bool (Merc const&, unsigned int const&).

    Either change the connect_bcastCurId prototype or use another placeholder in the binder.
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