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    Bank Account Program


    Im trying to make a program that will ask for a Name, then an account number to go with that name. Then, another name, and another number with that name, and so on. Then at the end, it will list them all out.

    I want to work on this and figure it out myself to learn it, but can anyone please give me just somewhere to start, like a basic structure of my program. Do I use an array, 2 arrays... an array of strings. What would be best.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Try something and find out.

    Even if your first approach is wrong, you'll still learn something.
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    I agree with Salem. One tip I will give you is think about what the data types are. Is the account number a string or an int or double? And dependant how advanced your skills are, consider using a vector over an array.
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