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    Linked list question...

    Hi there..

    I have a simple question.

    How do you send the pointer back to the start of one's list after creating it..

    I have this:
    typedef struct myitem
    char *listitem;
    struct myitem *next;
    } MYLIST;

    I use the function:
    void slstore(struct myitem *i)
    static struct myitem *last=NULL;
    if(!last) last = i;
    i->next = NULL;
    last = i;


    to store my items into the list..

    I want to use
    void display(struct myitem *top)
    while (top){
    top = top->next;

    But I guess I need to put the pointer back to the start of the list before calling display..

    Any ideas on how to do that?


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    You need to create two items for that list: one to traverse though and one to hold the position of first item; ``myitem *head, *current;''

    Now, never change the contents of head (only when you want to create/destroying the list). When you need to dig a specific node from the list do ``current = current->next;'' and jump to the beginning like ``current = head;''
    kooma -

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