Thread: Does anyone know what this means

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    Does anyone know what this means

    * list_of_strings add_to_list(list_of_strings *, char []);

    thats the line in the C++ code i got. i dont know what it is.

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    I'm guessing this is a function prototype, but I don't think it's correct because it doesn't have a return type, just that its a pointer. As for the arguments, the first one is a pointer to a class/structure list_of_strings, meaning it passes a variable with the address of the real list_of_strings class. The second is a character array. It could be a string constant like: "Hello!" or a char array. Show more of the code and it would be easier to figure out what that means.

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    I think u r right Crossbow. I think the programmer is trying to return a list_of_strings from the function and put the * in the wrong spot. However, I don't think that it is possible to return user defined types. If I am wrong, correct me because I am interested.

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    * list_of_strings add_to_list(list_of_strings *, char []);

    is nonsense. It probably should have been

    list_of_strings* add_to_list(list_of_strings *, char []);

    Which is a function prototype for a function called add_to_list which takes a list_of_string-pointer and a char array and returns the pointer.

    You can use user-defined types in return statements just like inbuild types.

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