Thread: Using a particular DebugOutput Function

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    Using a particular DebugOutput Function

    I'm trying to use the following debug output function:

        LPSTR   pszFormat,
    Routine Description:
        This fucntion output the debug informat to the debugger
        pszFormat   - format string
        ...         - variable data
    Return Value:
        va_list         vaList;
        static TCHAR    OutBuf[768];
    #ifdef UNICODE
        static WCHAR    FormatBuf[256];
        // We assume that UNICODE flag is turn on for the compilation, bug the
        // format string passed to here is ASCII version, so we need to convert
        // it to LPWSTR before the wvsprintf()
        va_start(vaList, pszFormat);
    #ifdef UNICODE
        MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP, 0, pszFormat, -1, FormatBuf, COUNT_ARRAY(FormatBuf));
        StringCchVPrintf(OutBuf, COUNT_ARRAY(OutBuf), FormatBuf, vaList);
        StringCchVPrintf(OutBuf, COUNT_ARRAY(OutBuf), pszFormat, vaList);
    The problem that I'm experiencing with this usage:
    CPSUIDbgPrint("CPSUIFunc - Property Sheet Being Created");
    is that I'm experiencing compiler error saying that it doesn't recognize what the code after this line is doing. Is there something fundamentally wrong on how I used the debug output (it looked like from the implementation to be used like a printf function or similar)?

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    Your usage looks fine to me. Maybe the error is elsewhere.

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    I found out from other lines of the code that uses that function on its usage, so I guess I solved the problem now. Thanks for replying.

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