Thread: What does it mean when a integer variable has a word value

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    What does it mean when a integer variable has a word value

    hello thier guys i just started learning programing langauge today so i have a few questions that the tutorials im using dont tell me
    K so lets say this is the program
    //Including Cout function
    #include <iostream>
    //Using standard library
    using namespace std;
    int main()
      int password;
      cout<<"Please enter the password: ";
      cin>> password;
      cin.ignore(); // wat does this Piece of code mean?
      cout<<"You entered: "<< password <<"\n";
    K lets say the user types in potion i got the reply back you typed in

    How does Potion = 2147340288?

    Thanks matsp and MacGyver
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    It would be more likely that since integer input only accepts numerical input, that your input actually failed, and your variable contains the old value it had before the attempt to input it - which, since you don't actually set it, could be any value (but it will most likely be the same each time you run the code, at least until you change something in the code).

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    I would guess that it's because it's expecting an int.

    As far as cin.ignore() goes, it reads a char from the input buffer and discards it. It's used at times to eliminate the trailing '\n' left in the buffer by some read operations.

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