Thread: Compiler giving error

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    Compiler giving error

    Hello thier im new to programing and ive looked on the internet for any previos problems that were like this but none were to be found so i am asking it myself\
    It wont let me build/Compile my first program
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
      cout<<"HEY, you, I'm alive! That's right I'm alive!\n";
      return 1;
    It gives me a error saying
    "Nathans first project - Debug" uses an invalid compiler. Skipping...
    Nothing to be done.
    or if i change build target to release its
    "Nathans first project - Release" uses an invalid compiler. Skipping...
    Nothing to be done.

    If you can help me figure out the problem here please respond and thanks for reading this post in advance

    Oh thanks MacGyver
    By the way it was Codeblocks
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    Next time mention what compiler, IDE, etc. you are using.

    Try reading this:

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    Ah yes, the joy of learning how to program with an IDE. All of those nasty, irrelevant details -- like what a compiler is, and what compiling and linking are, build artifacts -- blissfully hidden from view.

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