Thread: ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED in BiDiSpl.h using IBiDiSpl Interface

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    ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED in BiDiSpl.h using IBiDiSpl Interface


    I am trying to create some bidirectional communication with a printer, and I am having a little problem.

    I was originally working with a HP Color LaserJet 2820, which does not support bidirectional communication, so the error that I was getting (ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED), makes sense.

    I've since switched to a Konica Minolta Magicolor 5450, which does support BiDi, yet I still get the same error. I would like to know if anyone has successfully implemented this interface with a bi-directional printer, or can assist me in doing so.

    My code so far is:
    The line with the error has a comment below it.

    System::String^ BiDiTest::GetToner(System::String^ PrinterName, System::String^ valueRequired) 
        IBidiSpl        * pIBidiSpl = NULL;  
        IBidiRequest    * pIReq = NULL; 
        HRESULT hr = 0; 
        //Convert System::String^ to LPCWSTR ---------------------- 
        const wchar_t* chars = 
        (const wchar_t*)(Marshal::StringToHGlobalUni(PrinterName)).ToPointer(); 
        LPCWSTR name = chars; 
        //  ---------------------------------------------------- 
            DWORD dwAccess = BIDI_ACCESS_USER; 
            BSTR request = CString(mySchema).AllocSysString(); 
            DWORD Erroc = GetLastError(); 
            hr = CoInitializeEx (NULL, COINIT_MULTITHREADED); 
            hr = CoCreateInstance(CLSID_BidiSpl, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_IBidiSpl, 
            hr = pIBidiSpl->BindDevice(name, dwAccess); 
            hr = CoCreateInstance(CLSID_BidiRequest, 
            hr = pIReq->SetSchema (L"\\Printer.Layout.InputBins.Tray2:Installed"); 
            LPWSTR   pszSchema = NULL; 
            DWORD    dwType = NULL; 
            BYTE     *pData = NULL; 
            ULONG    uSize = NULL; 
            bool bDuplexInstalled; 
            BSTR* response = NULL; 
            hr = pIBidiSpl->SendRecv(BIDI_ACTION_GET, pIReq);
               // This is where I get the error....
            hr = pIReq->GetOutputData (0, &pszSchema, &dwType, &pData, &uSize); 
            CoTaskMemFree (pData); 
            hr = pIBidiSpl->UnbindDevice (); 
        return PrinterName; 

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think the author of the component you're calling would be able to help more. This is a general purpose C++ forum.

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    I've talked to Microsoft (they're the author), no help there. I've posted on a plethora of forums across the web and no one has an answer.

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    Who created the component? Ask them. If Microsoft did not create the component then I'm not surprised they did not help you.

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    Microsoft created it.

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