Thread: typedef question.

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    typedef question.

    I've read that you can use typedef to create a alias of a datatype, as example:
    typedef long miles; // define miles as an alias for long

    but then I saw this code:

    typedef QWidget * (*createModule_t)(QWidget *, const char *, const QXmlAttributes *);
    typedef void (*destroyModule_t)(QWidget *);

    what happens in these 2 lines?
    (QXmlAttributes and QWidget are classes)
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    The syntax for declaring typedefs is just like initializing objects.

    // Pointer to function returning int:
    int (*ptr)();
    // Alias of 'pointer to a function returning int':
    typedef int(*ptr_t)();
    So in your example, createModule_t is a datatype equivalent to a pointer to a function taking 3 parameters and returning a QWidget*.

    destoryModule_t is a datatype equivalent to a pointer to a function taking a QWidget* and returning void.

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    WNDPROC and THREAD_ENTRY_POINT are some good examples of this.
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    so that's means that it's a way to make custom datatypes?

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    Somewhat, though it is more like a way to give new names to existing types.
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