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    Question For Loop

    I am trying to create a program that allows a user to enter the input amount (ex. .01)

    Day Input Total
    1 .01 .01
    2 .02 .03
    3 .04 .07

    The input amount needs to be doubled each day and the total needs to be displayed...

    Any suggestions would be appreciated

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    I guess to input the amount, use either a double or float.

    double amount;
    cin >> amount;

    Or you could have him enter cents and use an integer. Then when you print it out, use the modulus operator (%) to get dollars and cents.

    int amount;
    cin >> amount;
    dollars = amount / 100;
    cents = amount % 100;
    cout << dollars << "." << cents << endl;

    However, the integer may eventually overflow, after you double it numerous times.

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    double amount;
    double total = 0.00;
    int days;
    int i;

    enter amount to start with:

    enter number of days to calclulate:

    total = amount;
    cout day 1 amount total;

    for i = 2 i < days, i++
    amount *= 2
    total += amount
    cout day i amount total

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    than again he was asking that the totals have to be doubled, not use a double.

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