Thread: File handling with Array filled with a class

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    >> Would appreciate any help.

    I think it would be best to start a separate thread and post your code and the exact error message. These types of errors can have many different causes.

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    Persoanlly, I woudl just treat the class as if it were a struct. The member functions are only contextual, they dont actually occupy space in the object. You may want to use #pragma pack(1) to guarantee the smallest footprint

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    I declare it in my class and when I wnat to use the function as below I get the error message No match for operator[]. If I remove the line dayReport[i].dayOfMonth = dayP then it works but it is not read into the array.

    istream& operator >> (istream& fin, weatherReport dayReport[])
        Do something
        dayReport[i].dayOfMonth = dayP;

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    I think you should be reading into a weatherReport & instead of into the array. That's just how it's done in C++. Move the code that loops through the array into a separate function and read into each weatherReport one at a time.

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