Thread: Trying to call an Excel file

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    Trying to call an Excel file

    I was wondering what the code would be to call upon an Excel file, perform a find and replace, and then save the Excel file to a specific name.

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    Can you describe a bit more what you are wanting to do? There are likely to be several solutions, but C++ can not implicitly read .xls files - you'd be much better of usinc Excel macros for that.

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    Currently, we use a bunch of Excel files that are linked to one another to organize color recipes for the product we create. However, every time we need to create a new recipe sheet, it is a pain. So I'm looking at writing a program which can call upon the Master Recipe Sheet, change the links (easily done through a find and replace in excel), and then save the file under the name of the Recipe. I am versed enough with C++ to be able to do this with text files, but am not sure how to go about it using excel files. Thanks for your assistance.

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    sounds like you need a database to replace all those excel files. try access. i use postgres myself, but access has some nice features for making forms and such.
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