Thread: c++builder6 change form names problem

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    c++builder6 change form names problem

    I have a question on a practical problem in optical programming with c Builder 6.I have made a project with forms and buttons and etc.I didnt put the name i want on form captions of forms so the forms are form1 form2 form3.
    Now i wanna change these names so be more specific about what forms do. For example change form1 name and put Introduction form. In this point i wonder how the code on my program will change automatically. If for example is form1->close(); how will change when i will change the name of form.
    To close i want the programm run with new names but with no mistakes.
    If everyone have any idea please post it.
    Thank you

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    You want a "refactor" feature like Eclipse has - with that, you can globally rename a particular name within the whole project.

    Having said that, it's usually fairly easy to just change the name with a global search/replace operation (only caveat is if you are using the same name for multiple purpose in different places, and don't want to change all places). The compiler will (99% of the time) tell you if you missed one.

    I'd suggest you make one change at a time and test thoroughly after each change - it's so much easier to check a few changes for where it went wrong than to check hundreds.

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    at runtime simply call it as:

    formName->Caption = String;

    or at design time, bring the form to the foreground and set it in the object inspector.

    there is also the Name property, and IIRC, if Name == Caption, changing the Name property automatically changes the Caption also. At least it does at design time, never tried it during runtime.

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