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    How would i put an amount of time that a user has to input something? Then use the if, else if and what not to determine what happens. Go by the system clock i assume? What function would that be?

    I want to make a trivia game where you only have a certain amount of time to answer, and u gain, or lose points depending on if your right or not.
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    With standard function I don't know if you can.
    It certainly would be easier if you used event polling in SDL.

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    it is not possible on the console without much ugly, complicated, and non-portable coding.

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    Save the time before the CIN, and after the CIN, get the current time. Take the difference in times. If the time took too long, no points.
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    Dino's suggestion is a good and portable one. If you really want to read with timeout from the standard input, you're looking at non-portable, OS-specific solutions, and most likely, you will have to deal with the input processing (what to do with backspace, arrow keys and so on) as well.

    There is a FAQ called something like "How do I get input without the user hitting Enter?" which goes through a few of the different options of "reading input in raw mode". I have a feeling it also covers "has a key been pressed".

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