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    make an ide

    I noticed that dev-c++ executed many programs (passing them pars) to do the actual compiling.
    How hard would it be to make one's own ide, and integrate wingw compiler into it?
    Know of any good sites that have tuts and such on doing that?
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    There are two parts to that:
    1. Create a UI for the IDE - that's going to be your hard part.
    2. Interface to the compiler(s) and other tools. This involves mostly parsing text output from the compiler (for example, you also have linker and perhaps a debugger too to interface with). In comparison to producing a text-editor and the UI parts, it's relatively easy. Note, I'm not saying trivial.

    The two parts combined is a fair amount of work.

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    Too hard to justify when you can use one like Code::Blocks or Dev-C++ or probably even Eclipse. Are you suffering from NIH Syndrome?

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    if your interested in this (and capable), why not try slinging code for an already established opensource IDE.
    Sorry, but i'm a Code::Blocks man now.

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    Note that you probably won't be able to do this for Dev-C++, unless you know Delphi, which is what Dev-C++ is written in.

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