Thread: Vector Consists of Both Int and String, HELP

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    Vector Consists of Both Int and String, HELP


    Let's say i have a text input file consist of numbers and letters. How should i put them into an vector. I want numbers to stay as int, letters as strings.

    void PutInputToArray(ifstream &dfa,tvector<string> &v)
    	string word;
    	  while(dfa >> word)
    In this code input file reads as it's input is string. What should i do? Should i use templates? How?


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    What do the numbers and letters in the input file mean? I'm sure there's a better way to store them than a heterogeneous vector. (Which is possible, but messy and against the spirit of C++.)
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    I'd store them all as strings and convert them later. If you want to remember what type they are because you only know that at the time you read in, then consider adding more state to an object that holds the type and value, then store instances of that object in the vector.

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