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    Windows C++ Programming

    I am using a Borland C++ Compiler V 5.02, I know its pretty old, but it still supports win32. I just recently wanted to get my programs to run under windows instead of in the dos prompt. I found the code needed to do so, but I have a few questions. 1) How can I get text into this box, such as a text box or just text on the screen. 2) How can I place buttons in this window? I have programmed in the necessary windows mouse support. 3) I'm sure this is asked all the time on these boards, but how can I get graphics incorporated into my programs (just pictures, nothing animated)?

    Thanks, any help would be great.


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    Buy this. You will find answers.. Win32 programming takes a lot of learning and this is the best starting point. You will be hard pushed even if someone here gave you some code to fit it in with yours if you do not have the necessary understanding.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    try downloading the win32 api reference here:

    and maybe take a look at a few of the other links.

    The reference is slightly dated but the basic stuff is all there and it's a much smaller download the latest platform SDK docs.

    I think there might even be some links to some free .pdf books on the subject in some old threads around here.

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    Thanks, I'll definately check it out.


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