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    what does this code do?

    I'm looking at some code I'm trying to use out of a book, but there are a couple portions of it I don't understand.

    for (ntmp = ntps; ntmp; ntmp >>= 1) {
             m <<= 1;

    mid=(1+ir) >> 1;
    Specifically, what does the >>= and <<= operators mean?


    for (;;) {
            ----Inner loop code----
    If someone could explain what exactly these three sections of code are doing, it would be appreciated.

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    >> and << is "shift right operator" and "shift left operator" respectively. That is multiply by 2 or divide by 2 to the power of y where y is what's on the right of the operator >>.

    The >>= operator is the same, but short hand for x = x >> y;

    The for(; is an infinite loop (of course, the loop may have code inside it that breaks the loop itself).

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