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    Saving probs...

    gah...alrite how do you make it just add on to a file? not completely rewrite it?

    exputput <<5;

    test.txt "5"

    output <<6;

    test .txt"6"

    howto test.txt"5 6"?

    next question...when saving a line ie"halo mr" howto get the comp to input 'halo mr' from test.txt?


    char Yname[]("halo mr");


    cout <<Yname;
    "halo" not halo mr...howto get halo mr?

    sorry i haveta leave for work...already late...thas why not all is explained very well...i am proggin in MSVC in console~

    thanks in advance

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    1) ios::app
    2) input.getline()

    look them up
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    add ios_base::app to the open mode when opening the file.


    use read instead like this,7);
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