Thread: Question about Downloading/Uploading Functions

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    Question about Downloading/Uploading Functions

    Hello all
    I am beginner in C++ and i have some questions

    In many languages there are included libraries for many uses such as libraries for downloading files / uploading files using ftp connection ...etc

    but in C++ i cant find these libraries

    my question .......

    must I use libraries made by others or there is libraries that come with C++ that i cant find and if i want to do these functions by my self

    will it be hard
    Example : making a function to download file or a function to upload file using FTP

    Another Question ....... Many programs are in the internet and i think most of them are C++ because these programs are executable and dont need frame works

    So ......... Do the developers use Already made libraries by other developers to make there programs or they begin from the zero ( i mean ... what most of the developers do ? )

    Sorry for my weak English .... i have English Exam tommorw

    yes really i have one

    and thanks in advance
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