Thread: writing and appending to file lots of times takes to long how to improve ?

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    writing and appending to file lots of times takes to long how to improve ?

    Hello all

    im using ofstream to writing to file and then appending strings to file

    the problem is that im writing to file many times some thing like 5000+ times ( the reason is it writing to file directories and files )

    the code open file and writing to it looks like this :

    ofstream myfile ("my_log.txt",ios::app);
    if (myfile.is_open())
    myfile << c <<".\n";

    how can i improve the speed of writing to file ?

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    You could try not to open and close the log file every time you log some amount of text.

    If instead, you open the file once (at start of day) and close it at the end of time. If you still want to ensure that the file-content is always up to date, use the ostream::flush() function [although this will somewhat reduce the benefits of not opening and closing the file every time - but there is still a benefit].

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    The later solution would be to keep the file buffered in memory and only write to the file when you need to. Trickier, but certainly faster.
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