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    Question Program?

    Im kinda new in this forum and in the C++ programing style.So I dont know any good programs to begin with programing ( I have every book I need ),but I search for a program to write source files and all other crap.

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    Well, most programmers start with a "Hello, World" program to get pas the first hurdle of getting the compiler to compile a simple program. This shouldn't take long if you have your system set up correctly, but at the same time, it is useful to make something real simple work first.

    After that, I suggest you follow a book or student program somewhere to get some projects and challenges that match what you have learned so far.

    There is a tutorial on the home page here. I think it's, but I could have that wrong.

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    I think you're looking for a compiler, or more properly an "IDE" (Integrated Development Environment). And IDE contains an editor, linker, compiler, and usually some other tools. But when speaking casually, we often just say "compiler".

    A compiler/linker converts your human readable C++ source code into a machine-executable EXE file.

    There are several FREE IDEs...

    Getting Started
    What Do I Need?
    Compilers (
    Compilers (
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