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    C++ and internet

    I would like to ask if you know how can c++ can communicate with web sites.

    To be more specific, i have an account in a web site which sends free sms. I want in my c++ program to write a message and select from a db the phones I want to send the sms and press ok. Then the program will go to the's not the real name of the website) and enter the username and password and press submit so that it can enter to my account. When it will enter, it will go to the page which is the page that we can send sms, and put to the textbox of the page the message and to the phones the phone numbers that i selected from my db kai again submit to send the messages.

    If you have any useful example of how can a c++ program login in a site, please sent it to me.
    Thanks in advance

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    Look up cURL.
    All the buzzt!

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