Thread: A few questions about the compiler

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    A few questions about the compiler

    I'm just tooling around with C/C++ and I'd like to know what I need to do to "structure" my programs correctly. Say I want to create a project called Hello and a cpp file called Hello. How do I tell the compiler to include my Hello.cpp file in my Hello project? I assume this is how it's done in MSVS6. This is the way I've always done it in JBuilder. Thanks in advance on any replies.

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    the short answer is to use a header file and #include it in your project.

    The example version might be:

    //create a header file
    #ifndef HELLO_H
    #define HELLO_H
    #include <iostream.h> //or <iostream> depending on your compiler
    void display();

    //create the cpp file for the header file
    #include "hello.h" //or drop the .h if your compiler lets you
    void display()
    cout << "hellow world" << endl;

    //create the project cpp file
    #include <iostream.h>
    #include "hello.h"
    int main()
    return 0;

    compile all three files.
    when you compile HELLO.cpp (depending on the switches you use) you will get an executable file (plus others).

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    To do it in MSVC, go to the fileview and right click on source files... add file to project

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    What I like to do is create a new project. You can call it Hello, then add the source files
    Then go to the "Project" menu and choose the "Add to Project" submenu. You can then choose "new" to create a new file, or choose "files" to add an existing file
    I usually create a new file called main.cpp for my projects

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    Thanks for the help guys.

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