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    Quote Originally Posted by thestien View Post
    very true but as im new to this i dont understand how the condition ( ; i-- ; )
    works? perhaps ( i = nc; i>0(or how ever many loops u need);i--)
    To reflect your original loop in a traditional way, you'd do something like:
    for( i = nc; i>=0;i--) ...
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    very true but as im new to this i dont understand how the condition ( ; i-- ; )
    does it mean if ( i ) is one less than the previous loop?
    No, in terms of the loop condition it means: while (i != 0). Then you consider that there is a post-decrement in effect.
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    im still confused how for(i=nc; i--; ) is the same as while(i != o)
    is there a link you know that i could read up on that?
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