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    Custom Console Library

    I just love fooling around with C++ console applications, even though i am also attempting to learn more advance aspects of C++( openGl currently ) I still love taking a brake and making a console app. So i have decide a fun and in the end helpful thing to do would be to make my own little C++ Console Library to make making my little applications easier. So i have put together a little list of features it will have but I would like a little input from other people.

    So basically what do you think I should add, keep in mind i am still learning and it cant be to complicated. Also if you think their is something i should try to help my learning or skill type that up to.

    Here's what I've got so far
    • Center Text Function (basically type in the string and it will center the text )
    • Text Color (an easier text color changing function)
    • Setup window function( basically with one function you can set the name of the app window and the dimensions )
    • DrawBox (drawing a box of the unsigned char lines)

    Any input would appreciated
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    Is this library going to be specific for something like console gaming?

    Anyways, you could try things like an easy cursor function, goto X and Y positions, fullscreen and random number generator. You should look up MSDN and look at some of the advanced and technical features.

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    If you want other ideas as to what a console library could do.
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    Saving a rectangle of the current screen context so you can have a popup-box will be a useful thing.

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    i saw your site asbo, very nice clock!

    and about console library idea, i will give one advice, well, do not do it

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