Thread: C++ MFC Rectangle Class?

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    C++ MFC Rectangle Class?

    Hello, i am modifying the whole c++ MFC. I have mouse draw Line shape, circle shape. However, my rectangle shape does not work. Can anybody help me writing it?

    All my shapes are different classes.


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    If you post your code for your rectangle class, then I'm sure we can help you...

    It would also be good if you describe what is wrong with your current implementation (e.g. it crashes, it draws the wrong size, or whatever)

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    Ok, here is my rectangle class. Ive written it by modifing circle class so there is bunch of unnecessary parts. I feel like Resize function is wrong.

    #include "stdafx.h"
    #include "shaperectangle.h"
    #include <cmath>
    using namespace std;
    namespace CC {
    Factory<Rectangle> rectangleFactory("Rectangle");
    // class Line
    Rectangle::Rectangle ()
    Rectangle::Rectangle (const Appearance &someLook, CPoint p, CPoint q)
    	: Shape(someLook)
    	 m_enclosingrect = CRect(p,q);
    Shape* Rectangle::Clone ()
    	return new Rectangle(*this);
    void Rectangle::Paint (CDC *pDC)
    	// create the pen
    	CPen pen(PS_SOLID, look.lineWidth, look.lineColor);
    	CPen *oldpen = pDC->SelectObject(&pen);
    	// create the brush
    	CBrush brush;
    	if (look.transparent)
    	CBrush *oldbrush = pDC->SelectObject(&brush);
    	// draw the line
    CRect Rectangle::GetRect ()
    	CRect BoundingRect;
    	BoundingRect = m_enclosingrect;
    	BoundingRect.InflateRect(m_Pen, m_Pen, m_Pen, m_Pen);
    	BoundingRect = m_enclosingrect + CRect(m_Pen, m_Pen, m_Pen, m_Pen);
    	BoundingRect=m_enclosingrect; -= m_Pen;
    	BoundingRect.left -= m_Pen;
    	BoundingRect.bottom += m_Pen;
    	BoundingRect.right += m_Pen;
    	return BoundingRect;
    void Rectangle::Resize (CPoint p, CPoint q)
    	m_Start = p;
    	m_End = q;
    void Rectangle::Move (CPoint delta)
    	center += delta;
    bool Rectangle::Contains (CPoint p)
    	int dx = p.x - center.x;
    	int dy = p.y - center.y;
    	return dx*dx + dy*dy < radius*radius;
    bool Rectangle::Persist (Serializer &io)
    	return Shape::Persist(io) &&
    		io.Move(center.x) &&
    		io.Move(center.y) &&

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