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    Selection Method

    void crossover(int mum, int dad)
      int mumfirst, mumlast, dadfirst, dadlast;
      struct prog *mump = &population[mum];
      struct prog *dadp = &population[dad];
      int worst1, worst2;
      do worst1 = select_worst();
      while (worst1 == mum || worst1 == dad || worst1 == best_prog);
      do worst2 = select_worst();
      while (worst2 == mum || worst2 == dad || worst2 == worst1 ||
             worst2 == best_prog);
      mumfirst = find_first(mump);
      mumlast  = subtree_end(mump->code, mumfirst);
      dadfirst = find_first(dadp);
      dadlast  = subtree_end(dadp->code, dadfirst);
      create_child(worst1, mump, mumfirst, mumlast, dadp, dadfirst, dadlast);
      if (!correct)
         create_child(worst2, dadp, dadfirst, dadlast, mump, mumfirst, mumlast);
    hi everybody, this is a script to select direction for an object

    Any body have any idea, how can i improve the program?

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    That's not a program, it's a function. Without definitions of struct prog and the myriad functions you are calling, it's nearly impossible to comment.

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