Thread: passing pointers to a class function

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    passing pointers to a class function

    ok so i have this

    class Poly{
    struct node {						int exponent;			
    	double coefficient;			
    	struct node *next;
    typedef struct node ListNode;
    ListNode *first;
              Poly(){ first = NULL;}
    Poly* Poly::addPoly(Poly *p2)
    if(product!=NULL && temp!=NULL)
    Poly* Poly::multiplyPoly(Poly *p2)
    Poly *temp = new Poly();
    Poly *product = new Poly();
    product->addPoly(temp);  (assuming product and temp have values
                                               but when i pass it, it sets product->first=NULL
                                               which in the function addPoly, it ignores the if loop 
                                               which i need it to go through. is there a way to make
                                               product->first!=NULL the two 
                                               objects are passed?)
    error C2262: 'I' : cannot be destroyed

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    I don't think you're showing entirely real code. product can't be referenced from Poly::addPoly() unless I'm missing something.

    Please try to show a real but small and yet complete demonstration of what the issue is.

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