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    C++ data storage

    I am working on a C++ project to make a statistics spreadsheet i.e. for a sports team. I need to know how to store data once it is entered. For instance I would like to be able to enter a stat like how many points a player scored in one game and be able to bring up that program at a later date and still have that entry available. Any help at all would be awesome.
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    If your just wanting to use C++ console applications.
    std::cout //Show output on screen
    std::cin //get input from user
    std::getline //get input from user
    std::string //store string input
    std::ifstream //load from file
    std::ofstream //save to file

    will be of a lot of use. Any specific question can be answered more thoroughly.

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    So I would use std:fstream to save the data to a file and then open the console and use ifstream to load the file again, or would I need to do an if statement or somethin like that in order to load the data to the original program/

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    just skip the console thing and you are close
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    If you are looking for a spreadsheet kind of program, why not just use existing spreadsheet software?

    If not, then perhaps you would like to consider using say, a relational database?
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    well i'm doing it as a project in a programming class. I need to use c++. what is a relational database?

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