Thread: Concatination of chars

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    Concatination of chars

    I am having trouble concatenating 2 chars
    char a = 'a';
    char b = 'b';
    strcat (a,b);
    cout  << a;
    what is the proper way of doing something like this?

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    You can't concatenate two chars into a string of two chars unless you have a string to store it in [and strcat do not take inputs of char anyways].

    Either of these would work:
    Using C++ properly:
    string a("a");
    string b("b");
    a += b;  // or a = a + b; if you like typing a lot. 
    cout << a;
    or standard C with a bit of C++ for output:
    char a[3] = "a";
    char b[2] = "b";
    strcat(a, b);
    cout << a;
    Or using indexes to arrays:
    char a[3] = "a";
    char b = 'b';
    a[1] = b;
    a[2] = 0;   // Just in case. It should really be zero from the a[3] = "a"; line.
    cout << a;
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