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    Structure Problem

    I have 3 files for the program attached. The program works; however, I do have 2 potential problems with it:

    1) When I add files to the Personal Information Manager (PIM) structure and then print it everything is fine. When I go back to add more files (before exiting the program) I can add more files, these new files overwrite what was in the structure instead of appending to it WHY?????

    2) The 2nd and biggest and more difficult problem is that I have to add a function that will allow me to search the records and delete a record that is selected. The record to be deleted can be any record, first, last, or any in between. Other than a linked list is this possible.

    I have searched and can find no inforamtion so far that will allow this except a linked list.

    Any suggestions, many thanks in advance.


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    Assuming count contains the number of entries, this will make it append instead of overwriting the previous entries.
    int add_contact(contact *c, int count)
        char lname[13];
        char fname[11];
        char mi[2];
    	char city[16];
    	char state[3];
    	char zip[6];
        // Loop to count records and ensure the number of entries does not
    	// exceed the MAX_CONTACT limit.
        //for (int i = 0; i < MAX_CONTACT; i++)
        //Change this to:
        for (int i = count; i < MAX_CONTACT; i++)

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