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    I am 17 years old, and I have been programming with Visual Basic 6 for over 3 years. I am currenty studying at college, and also working as a part-time VB developer in Tottenham, London. I am currently working with VB, ADO and Access Databases.

    I want to move into the most technical area of programming i.e. C++.

    I am looking to become a really technicall, powerful C++ programmer that is in demand. What are the latest technologies that are in demand. And how long will it approxiamely take to learn C++ inlcuding professional windows development. I strive to be a professional software developer on a BIG wage.

    I really wanna get into C++.

    What career paths are available to me?
    What books are recommended?
    What resources are recommened?
    How long do I need to study C++ before I can say I am a professional programmer?
    Will it be easy for me to get a C++ Programming job having good knowledge of C++ and taking my VB experience into account?

    Any advice, and positive comments would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much.
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    Telecommunications is a big field with a lot of money. (not necessarily just telephones... but all transmission resources) They hire a lot of programmers...

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    C++: The Complete Reference is another great book.

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    Deitel and Deitel: How to Program in C++

    Highly recommended by many.

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    O ya, timewise, it is normally at least two or three years, but I am not really sure about you because you already learned VB.

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    VB and C++ are nothing alike. I find it harder to learn C++ once you know VB very well. They are too different to help you.

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    Much of the "learning" associated with programming is basic concepts like variables, arrays, loops etc. Once you are familiar with them, changing language is mostly learning the new syntax. You'll probably be able to knock out some rudimentary C/C++ within a few days of opening a book. C++ is a lot more powerful than basic though, and the useful extensions will come with time.

    From VB to C++ with MFC it is not a truely huge step, since the Win32 API is wrapped up for you with MFC, like it is within VB. Proper object orientation may take you a little longer.

    I don't believe you'll have a problem learning C++. See the other messages for some book recomendations.
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    C++ and Game Development


    I wish to lean about game development with C++. How much mathematics do I need to know in inorder to gain the fnudamentals of game developing inluding usnig OpenGL, Direct 8.0 and various other grahics libraries.

    I wish to become a VERY technical programmer in the C++ indutry. I mean, what areas what have high demand for C++ programmers. I have already been told by many other programmers, that Telecommunications is a big field for programmers. Developing mobile applications etc.

    Thanks again,

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