Thread: Block/Prevent Screen Capture

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    Block/Prevent Screen Capture

    Hello All,
    I am looking for a generic solution for preventing or blocking screen capture. Is there a generic way of blocking Screen Capturing softwares.

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    No. You cannot block screen capture.
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    You can't. It's that simple. Your image has to be shown and if it's worth capturing, it will be captured. By photographing the screen if must be.

    There are a thousand ways to get an image of what happens on screen and you cannot realistically block all of them.

    If you have access to the hardware and operating system, you can make sure no external software is installed and hook the "print" key to not do what it does by default (screenshot). That should prevent all to easy access to a screenshot. But if you want to prevent people from making screenshots of their own PCs monitor... you are out of luck. No way.

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    There sure have been a lot of suspicious looking requests for help on this forum recently. Seems like a lot of people are interested in making "hacks" for video game, No? (A lot of process identification memory access and screen shot blocking!)

    Anyway, the only way to block a screen shot is to know how a program is going to call it and intercept that call. A screen can be captured many ways so there is not a generic thing you can look for.
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