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    here is the algorithm and a code below in converting infix notation

    1) if you encounter "(" push on it on stack
    2) if you encounter operators (+,-,*,/) then compare the operators with the top of the stack.As long as the top of the stack has operators with higher or equal priority to the scanned operators you have to keep popping the stack and store it in result

    * * If the token is an operator, o1, then:
              else if((x[i]=='+')||(x[i]=='-')||(x[i]=='*')||(x[i]=='/'))
    * while there is an operator, o2, at the top of the stack, and either

    o1 is associative or left-associative and its precedence is less than (lower precedence) or equal to that of o2, or
    o1 is right-associative and its precedence is less than (lower precedence) that of o2, (i got confised with the algorithm)

    pop o2 off the stack, onto the output queue;
                      q=q+stack.pop(); //where q=is a string and stack.pop()=is an o2;
    * push o1 onto the stack.
                      stack.push(x[i]); //where x[i] = o1
    Lastly you have to push the scanned operator on the stack
                      stack.push(x[i]); //where x[i] = o1
    3)If you encounter any digits or alphabets then store in in result
                        else if(isdigit(x[i])){q=q+x[i];}
    4)if you encounter ")" keep popping the stack unless you encounter "(" on the stack and store it in result
              else if(x[i]==')'){q=q+stack.pop();}
    Lastly decrement top by 1 as "(" is of no importance to us
    as i see, that I confused on the scanning of precedence of operators, can you show me clear understanding about the precedence of the operators?
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    The precedence of the operators:
    ( and ) aren't operators, so don't count
    * and / are equally high
    + and - are equally low

    The algorithm says to pop if the operator read in is "less than or equal to" the one on the stack. So + and - mean you have to pop every operator you see; * and / mean you have to pop other * and /.

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