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    String replace

    Hey everyone,

    I'm trying to find a string within a larger string, then replace it with a value. Here is an example (sudocode)?

    string 1 = "this is REPLACE_STRING_HERE!";
    string 2 = "really cool"
    string1.replace("REPLACE_STRING_HERE", string2);
    cout << string1 << endl; //outputs this is really cool!
    How would I go about doing this?


    Matt N

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    Use find to find the location of the search string, then use that location plus the search string's size to get the range to replace with the new string.

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    You're quite close already. But replace() wants a position and a length or a pair of iterators to specify the position, so you need to use string::find() to get them.

    pos = s.find(search_string);
    if(pos != string::npos) {
      s.replace(pos, search_string.length(), replacement);
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