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    photo in program


    I was wondering, how do you insert a photo from file in your program?

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    I'd imagine you'd want to use a graphics API like DirectX or OpenGL to handle that.
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    Perhaps also GD depending on what you want:

    OpenGL - good for showing photos
    SDL - Good for showing photos and custom manipulation, could mix with OpenGL: Tutorial
    GD - I like using this for picture manipulation but not showing it
    DevIL - I used it once, can't say much

    Perhaps you mean to package the program with the image not being a seperate file but "embeded" into the code. That I don't know but is doable.

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    Displaying images is hard. Looking at your recent threads, you probably wouldn't be up to the task at the moment. I mean, you could try it if you wanted, but it would involve a lot of code. Here's a simple SDL program that displays an image.
    #include "SDL.h"
    int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
        SDL_Surface *image;
        SDL_Event event;
        int quit = 0;
        if(SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_VIDEO) < 0) return 1;
        image = SDL_LoadBMP("file.bmp");
        if(!image) return 1;
        if(!SDL_SetVideoMode(image->w, image->h, 0, SDL_SWSURFACE)) return 1;
        while(!quit) {
            SDL_BlitSurface(image, 0, SDL_GetVideoSurface(), 0);
            while(SDL_WaitEvent(&event)) {
                switch(event->type) {
                case SDL_QUIT:
                case SDL_KEYDOWN:
                    quit = 1;
        return 0;
    I just typed that into the quick reply box, so there's no guarantee it will work. But you can see how complicated things can be with images . . . .

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    thanks for the replies. i didn't know it was that hard.
    but i didn't need it that much anyway. I'll just learn more c++ before trying something like this.

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