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    Pointers to pointers

    What are they really good for? In every case of pointers that I've seen, just one pointer would work fine yet the programmer chose a pointer to a pointer. Why would I want to use that instead of just one pointer when one would work fine?
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    Talking p2p

    Sometimes you wan't to pass a pointer to a function as a reference (so that the pointer value can be changed).

    Say that the pointer points to the pixels in an image and you have a function for loading an image from disk imgLoad(), this function might take as an argument a pointer to a pointer..

    imgLoad(void** pixels);

    This way you can allocate memory inside the function, and make the void* pixels pointer point to the new memory.. caling the function with:

    PIXELS* myPixels;

    This can be usefull sometimes..

    Besides that double arrays are a good example, as pointed out by the vVv. Note that you don't have to make all row's in a double array equaly long.. You can have one loking like:


    This is hard to do with [row*width + col] in a single array beeing used as a double..

    - Anders

    - Anders

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