Thread: pow function not working

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    pow function not working

    This is supposed to be a very simple program but for some reason I cannot get the pow function to work. I keep on coming up with an error that states
    "could not find a match for pow(float), am I missing something? Thanks.

    // Basic C++ info
    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    #include <math.h>
    using namespace std;
    // Declare Global Variables
    float fltNumbac, fltBacpresent, fltDays;
    // Modules
    void MainMenu();
    void BacteriaLoop();
    int main()
    	cout << "Day     Number of Bacteria Present" << endl;
    	return 0;
    void MainMenu()
    	cout << " Welcome to the WilliamK99 Bacteria Calculator!" << endl;
    	cout << " How Many Bacteria are Present at the Start of the Experiment?";
    	cin >> fltBacpresent;
    void BacteriaLoop()
    	while (fltDays <=10)
    		fltNumbac = fltBacpresent * pow(fltDays / 10);
    		cout << fltDays << "           " << fltNumbac << endl;

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    You need to link with libm, so add "-lm" to your commendline, e.g.:
    gcc x.c y.c -lm
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    I think the problem is that pow() takes two arguments, the base and the exponent, but you are passing only one argument.
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    The error is because you are calling pow() wrong, and the C++ compiler cannot find a template for the pow() function with one parameter.

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    If you want to exponentiate using base e, use exp() instead of pow(). pow() takes two arguments.

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    Thanks I changed
    fltNumbac = fltBacpresent * pow(fltDays / 10);


    fltNumbac = pow(fltBacpresent, fltDays/10);

    and it worked like a charm.

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