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    Retrieving Browser Data

    I am trying to build software that collects data from my currently running browser windows, so I can display it elsewhere.

    For instance, I want to be able to collect the URL to the webpage I am currently viewing. Is this possible with the windows API?
    I want my program to loop and check if I am currently visiting a certain website, and if I am, I want it to collect information from this site.

    Perhaps there is an efficient way of monitoring my outgoing packets, check for HTML packets and see if any of them request things from a certain webpage?

    Tried googling it but I am not sure what to search for...

    Thanks in advance.
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    A firewall/proxy server would be able to retrieve this sort of data via the packet data sent/returned. I expect you won't find much info about how to what you originally ask for tho', as that's exactly what spyware is trying to do [amongst other things, of course].

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    May I suggest writing a browser plugin for that?
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